Romantic Vintage E-Session | Nassau Bahamas | Takara & Anthony


As I begin to write this blog post, my heart is filled with happiness, joy, and pride.  Happiness, because these images bring just that.  Joy, because I have made my clients happy.  Pride, because I have come so far in my craft.  To see what God has done in my life is just astounding!

Anthony and Takara allowed me to be a part of their big day, and from the very beginning, I have been overjoyed to be their photographer. Their spirit, their kindness, and their love for each other drew me in, and I embraced them fully and wholeheartedly.

I am so excited and happy to share Anthony and Takara's dreamy engagement session with you today. I hope you feel at least a fraction of the joy, love, and happiness I feel when I look at these images.

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  1. Christina!!! Where is the LOVE Button on this?? Lady, As I read your posts and gaze at these amazing moments you've captured, I can feel and see the love pouring out of the screen. I am sooo proud of you and sooo blown away by the talent and gift God continues to develop in you! You are so amazing and like I've said before, you keep getting better and better. You do not only capture beautiful people, but you capture emotions. Ugh, my heart is full! So happy and proud of you friend! Keep on shining!! <3

  2. Absolutely fabulous wedding ceremony! Truly, the most beautiful outdoor wedding I have ever seen. I will recommend this post to my cousin for inspiration. She also wants to have such a wedding and looking for Chicago wedding venues right now.


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