The Bahamas Art Gallery | Romantic Styled Session | Kyle & Dallace


Christmas is over and the year is just about done. 

Have you accomplished what you set out to do this year? If not, why not? Make a plan. Write a list. Have someone hold you accountable.

I have found that setting goals, making lists and asking others you trust to hold you accountable really makes things more real. Doing these things tend to give you more of a push and fills you with the drive you need to accomplish your task. 

This year, I make that promise to myself to set real goals and expect real results. I hope you do the same!

Kyle and Dallace were great to work with. It is always my goal to create for myself and share my passion with others. Thank you both so much for helping me do that. 

Also, Thank you so much Take a Bite and Lucy Lu MUA for sharing your talents and gifts with me. You both rock!

Make Up: Lucy Lu MUA
Styling: Christina Ysaguirre / Pamela Roker
Photography: Christina Ysaguirre

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